Well, at the request of my dear estranged friend, Zhubin, I have created a link button for him, because my obsessive compulsion won’t let me use an archaic text link amongst my sea of buttons.
Usually I just make the button from a graphic on the page (Fun Fact: The link buttons to Sexy Losers, Sturge, Air0day, Bill Scott, SDO, and Penitent Man were all custom-made by yours truly), but dear Zhubin’s site is a batter composed of text, the color green, and a generous dollop of comedy, baked at 400 degrees and served hilarious.
And, since I’m fairly certain he can’t “get me back,” I have made him his very own link button out of what is simultaneously the only picture I have of him and a picture with which I might be able to blackmail some money out of him by posting.

And, just to be fair, the picture is taken from this:

I kid because I love.

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