You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today

For those of you kind souls wondering, I am feeling much better.
My coughs now actually seem to be getting somewhere, instead of sounding like a dead car engine trying desperately to turn over.
We’re still recuperating from that awful storm last week.
It didn’t hit me, personally, really bad, but when I look at all the communities around me, I was really lucky.
All joking aside, I really hope everyone can bounce back fairly easily.
Pennsylvania isn’t really known for natural disasters, so it’s really scary to see how ill-equipped we are when something bad happens.
Well, unless you call the town of Pittsburgh a natural disaster.
Okay, well, not ALL joking aside…
Seriously, though, I keep hearing all these sirens and warning alarms, and when I drive through this one town JUST down the hill from me, and just to see all the ruined furniture on the sidewalks, and crushed cars in alleys and watermarks on businesses and apartments, it’s really depressing.
Um…what else?
Was there a reason I decided to update?
I’m in the market for a crappy laptop, so if you have one that you want to get rid of for a few buckaroos, shoot me an email. I basically only need it as a Word Processor.
Um…I think I’m going to go…do something.

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