You always remember your first

I just had my first guest set.
Let me tell you how it went down.
You may have noticed that I am not in Vegas, partying with Carlos, Pork, and Phreak.
I was all set to go, but I was leery, as I always am when I travel stand-by.
You see, you richies can travelocity all you fucking want, but I have to mooch off my parents’ Buddy Passes in order to fly, and so when I say to somebody “I might be going to Vegas this weekend,” and they say, “What, you don’t know for sure?” and then I say, “No, I won’t know until the day of,” and they say, “Why don’t you plan better in advance?” and then it gets more and more heated and someone ends up getting stabbed by someone named Me.
And we all know the high-larious Seinfeld joke about stand-by — how it’s called that because you always end up standing there, going “Bye!”
As semantically incorrect as that is from a grammatic standpoint, the truth still holds.
I kept Pork and Carlos in high hopes, because I wanted to hope myself, but as the days drew nearer, I saw that on the off-chance I actually GOT there, I would more than likely not make it back until mid-week, thus missing work, and paying money for hotels, and ultimately handing out those little cards with pictures of myself on the strip.
Yes, apparently there is a HUGE rush of people in Las Vegas traveling to Pittsburgh.
“Screw legallized gambling and prostitution, we want us some Polish women and ill-designed thoroughfares” is a common saying throughout Nevada.
At any rate, I decided to turn my frown upside-down, and “gamble” with my comedy career by going out on a limb and asking for a Guest Set this weekend at the Funny Bone, with the inimitable Mitch Fatel.
Well, I got it, and well, I did it a few hours ago, and well, it was just the fucking night I needed to make me once again happy about life.
I didn’t do as well as I’d’ve liked in front of a Friday crowd, but I did well enough, and I got to watch Mitch work his magic through hecklers, faulty mics, and smoke being blown almost directly into his esophagus.
If you don’t know who Mitch Fatel is, you actually probably do. He used to be on Dr. Katz and he’s been on the Tonight Show and the Late Show 344,234,126 times.

Seriously, he is a wonderful guy and has absolutely no reason to be as nice as he was to pissant open-mikers like me, and yet he was.
So you should all go to his site and buy his CD, or just send him a box of money.

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