Work Things Imperative to Share With You

– I have the Ducktales TV show theme song in my head.
– Sometimes I get the strongest urge to meow really loudly at work. Sometimes it’s so strong, I worry I’ll do it without even thinking.
– I think about what I’m eating for lunch for 2/3 of my day, and for the other 1/3, I’m either eating it, or remembering how good it was.
– I just learned a new grammar rule about when and when not to use a comma before “because”! Fun!
– The way you use it is probably wrong.
– I am going to Aruba next Wednesday and Jordan and I are going to funnenize the whole damn country.
– D-D-D-D-Danger lurks behind you. There’s a stranger out to find you. What to do? Just grab onto some Ducktales.
– Not ponytails, not cotton tails, no, Ducktales. Whoo-ooh!

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