Wocka, wocka, wocka

Well, Jordan’s coming to stay with me this weekend, and for you hard core HBM old schoolers, you will know that nothing in our path will go without being funnenized! And all negatives shall be DOUBLED!
She’s gonna get to meet Felicia and Brett, and if she’s anything like me (and she is — she’s everything like me) she will become instantaneous friends with them, and we will all explode with happiness all over the place for an entire weekend, who can wait, I can’t.
I finished Chuck Palahniuk’s Diary, and it was an enjoyable read, but I expected more. I got a whole slew of awesome and depressing quotes from it, though, so that should fuel some morbid blog subject lines in the future.
I had tuna fish and nutter butters for lunch, and if you don’t think I wish there were showers here at my company, well, you’d be wrong.
I had a really cool idea about working night shift, if I can pull it off.
What’s the coolest thing to do in the summer on the beach?
Sleep! Of course. Everyone loves a good outdoors sleep.
There’s nothing like it.
I love it so much, I’ve asked myself in the past, why don’t I do this every day?
Because of that whole job thing that keeps getting in the way of my life.
Well, no longer!
This summer, all I’m going to DO is sleep outside!
It’s not like I won’t be able to fall asleep – I do it all summer at the beach!
It’s failsafe!
Except for the part about getting eaten by bears.
But I’m working on that.
Sleeping outside!
Go team!

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