I broke the internet.
I’m sorry.
I knew it would happen someday.
No, actually I had attempted to upload my standup, and not only did I not succeed, but it filled up the last tiny squinch of my quota, so I couldn’t even log in to erase it.
But the wonderful people of Phenominet came through like ALWAYS, and saved the day.
I don’t really have too much to update about. I made really good money today because I am a WHORE FOR TIPS. I swear, the things I will do for your money.
I did the time-step for a guy (it’s a tap dance), I cracked an entire table of adults up with the most ridiculous jokes ever, I laughed at the least funny joke I have ever heard in my life, and it SUCKED AWAY AT MY VERY SOUL, but I made about 13 bucks an hour today, so who needs a soul?
I DO have some fun things for you to play with, though.
First, take a gander at Thanksgiving Festivities.
When you’re all done there, revel in the Comic-ey Goodness where I not only posted a new comic, but I back-loaded all the old comics I’ve ever drawn, so you don’t have to miss out on any of my sucky artwork. It’s a shame to see how far Gabe has come and how far I’ve… regressed, actually.
And at some point during the night, when the heavens align and the upload finishes, my Stand-Up Set that won me second in the finals will be available for your viewing pleasure. It’s… it’s the longest set I have at a rip-roaring seven minutes, and it’s not crappy quality either, it’s 320×240. Meaning, sorry dial-up suckas.
If it takes simply too long for you high-speed interneters, just let me know and I’ll make it smaller.
It should be finished uploading sometime tonight, and I’ll shoot y’all a linkey poo when it’s all done.
UpdateLinkey poo. Too big? Too unfunny? Discuss.
Kids, remember. Right Click > Save Target As…
Also remember, the camera adds ten pounds, and there were like thirty cameras on me. Yes, I weigh negative one hundred sixty five pounds. Shut up.
Um… that’s about it. I’m going to go eat some pie now.

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