Why me?

Update: If you came here via Google looking for TLG Hotline, read how I got rid of the charges here.
Here is what I did last week.
On Monday I printed out an angry letter to a company called TLG Hotline for charging me $9.99 on my credit card for 5 months. I didn’t approve this charge, of course, because the company is a bunch of thieving jerks. They offer “credit card” protection, and you better believe my angry letter contained the phrase, “I would gladly pay some other company $9.99 to protect me from YOU.” I did not sign up for their crappy service, and I’m not sure why it took me 5 months to notice the charges, but I will get it back if it kills me. I also sent in a fax, which they said they didn’t receive. I plan on calling them every day this week to see if they got the letter yet.
On Tuesday, I called H&R Block, because they promised me a full refund after awful, awful service. I probably sound like a complainer a lot, but not only could my tax preparer not speak English, but she made so many mistakes on the computerized form — like listing my employer as “Lauren” and their phone number as my address — that she routinely handed the keyboard to me to fill it out correctly. And when I say “couldn’t speak English,” I don’t mean had a hard time pronouncing “Internal Revenue Service,” I mean we had to communicate in ninja sign language.
So anyway, I was promised a full refund, which I politely declined because the managerey person helped me immensely, but she insisted. Then, as a cruel test of ethics, they didn’t actually GIVE me the refund. I am now pressed with the quandary of paying the money, like I would have had she accepted my refusal, or demanding it back and admitting that my refusal was a bluff.
On Wednesday, my mom had to call Sprint because I got a new phone and they charged me all sorts of ridiculous fees like “new phone fee” and “made-up fee.” She got them all taken away. Someday I’ll be as good as her.
On Thursday, I had to call DISH Network because, even though they won’t speak to me, as I am not the account holder, our remote has been broken since the day we got it, and it finally broke beyond all use. Our landlord called on the previous Thursday to report this and get another, and it still hadn’t come. I was merely calling to insist that my landlord — who is too polite to ask for such things — get at least 1/8 of her bill for this month refunded, since we can’t use the service at all without a remote.
First they told me that they couldn’t give me any information about the account holder, to which I replied, “I don’t WANT any information about the account holder. I want information from YOU.” Then they told me that they had no record of my landlord calling in, so I asked them if they were calling my landlord a liar. Sometimes I don’t think I ever matured past 7th grade. They said that they were, because they had no record of it, and I said something about their mothers; I don’t remember what.
Of course, after I hung up, we talked to our landlord, who in fact HAD called and had a ticket number to prove it. However, when she called back, they told her that, yeah, they did have it on record that the remote was broken, but hadn’t planned on sending another one out, why, did we want one? They thought we were just keeping them up-to-date of the broken things in our house.
On Friday, I called Sprint myself because my phone had gotten a magical bug wherein a white bar appeared across the top of my new phone. When this happened, my set alarms didn’t go off. This was a problem because, since I don’t trust electricity, I use my phone as my primary alarm. I actually have 4 alarms total set, but that’s another story. I depend on my phone, and I was upset because I opted not to pay $6 a month for insurance. They reprimand me every time I call, but I feel that owning something expensive is a responsibility, and I’ve taken enough care of my last two phones. I’d rather try a little bit harder to not drop my phone in the toilet than end up paying for the phone twice and maybe not even end up using the insurance to get a new phone.
Insurance is for people like my brother who skied over his own iPod. I can’t even begin to imagine the physics that must have been involved in that one, but I’m happy because it resulted in the trade with him of my iPod for a brand-nex Xbox.
Anyway, the phone malfunctioning doesn’t have to do with insurance, it’s warranty.
Next week, I have to call the H&R Block people back, because they referred me to a district manager to help me with my refund, and of course they’re only open on Mondays from 9:00 A.M. to 9:10 A.M., so I have to take a break from work to get something done that someone else was paid to do and didn’t.
Then I have to call my health insurance company who has charged me twice for a visit that I already paid for. Not only that, but I called both my insurance company AND my doctor a month ago to make sure that I was doing it correctly. Before when I went to the doctor, I paid my copay and that was it. The magical real bill got sent to my insurance company, and they took care of it. You know, like a real company would.
My new insurance company with my delightful new parent company of my delightful employer sends me a CHECK for the amount they are supposed to pay the doctor, so I get to pay for a stamp and sign over the check to the doctor myself.
It’s sort of like me going to Wendy’s, ordering a delicious Frosty, then sending my money to my mom in Pittsburgh, and having her send the check back to Wendy’s.
Thing is, the check wasn’t for the full amount, and there was a $40 difference. I called the insurance company and the doctor, and they both promised me that I wouldn’t be responsible for the $40, and my doctor was just happy to have the business, since so many insurance companies have different rates.
Guess what this bill asks for! $40!
I also get to look over my paycheck from my delightful wonderful parent company of my delightful company to see if they’ve made a third mistake in the last three paychecks I’ve gotten. It scares me that I can find these things, and it makes me wonder what I’m not finding.
I swear, sometimes I wish I were in 7th grade again.
I’d also like to point out that with all these complaints and angry letters I send out, I try to balance the universe. If I have really good service at a restaurant or with a customer service rep on the phone, I always ask to speak to a supervisor, and I tell them about my great service.
I just don’t know how the rest of the world deals with it. Do all these things just happen to me, or do these companies just screw everyone and hope they don’t notice?

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