Well, Saturday was a productive day. It was very productive in making me want to kill myself.
I did my taxes using TurboTax, and instead of getting thousands of dollars like I usually do, I realized that I owe $400. Meaning I get to make the delightful decision of either stubbornly sticking to my number crunching and paying $400 or paying those heathen devils at H&R Block to “check” my work and possibly find an error, then charging me the amount I probably would be paying to the government anyway.
THEN, I had been saving up for an IRA, which requires a minimum of $3,000 to start up, but this pretty chunk of change has put me behind, and now I don’t know when I will be in a position to maybe start one up again.
It doesn’t help that I am also currently reading a book on personal finance that is absolutely making me insane and consider going Howard Hughes and locking myself in my room and only drinking bottled urine. Wait, that’s what he did, right?
It just pisses me off. I don’t spend lavishly. I almost never buy things for myself, and when I do, they’re from Target. I’ve paid off my car and my student loans. I have a marginally good job, and I live in the cheapest town in Los Angeles. And I live paycheck to paycheck.
How do jerks out there own houses? How do they go out to fancy dinners and clubs 4, 5 times a week? How do they pay for trendy clothing, makeup, shoes, cigarettes, tanning, manicures?
YES, I HAVE A SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT, but who doesn’t? There’s a reason I’m pale, have no sense of fashion, and eat spaghetti for dinner 6 nights a week. I always thought I would be better off financially at the end of the day if I didn’t tan, wore the same damn clothing I owned in high school, and didn’t eat out if at all possible.
This post doesn’t have a point, unless you know someone who would pay me for a kidney or something. I just needed to complain a little.

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