Where has Lauren been?

100% honest answer: A friend of mine, let’s call her “Melissa,” mentioned in passing, “Did you ever think that more people would like your blog if you weren’t constantly telling them what they should and shouldn’t do?”
I thought this over. She makes a good point. I am often only inspired to write because something has made me so angry that I go into an altered state, not unlike Isaac from “Heroes,” where I am unaware of my surroundings but must get my feelings out for the good of the world.
So I waited until I could talk about something where I wasn’t actually complaining or lecturing or posting pictures of my cat. Which should clearly explain why I haven’t posted anything of substance in almost 2 weeks.
I read old blogs of mine where I actually recounted my days and what doing stand-up comedy was like, and oh, wasn’t the new cook at my waitressing job cute, and they bore me to tears and punches. These are the kinds of things that move me to set my old diaries on fire, which I actually have done before, if I haven’t already mentioned it.
But I guess mixing a little healthy E/N content here (small life events that mean everything to me but nothing to anyone else) wouldn’t be so bad. Just let me know if it bores you to tears or punches.
My past couple weeks have been spent trying to learn Japanese at work while also working. This entails a lot of walking in the door in the morning and asking everyone loudly if they would like to join me for drinks at my place in Tokyo. I am curious as to why my “Learn Japanese in Your Car” lessons felt it was appropriate to teach me how to invite people back to me place for drinks before, oh, I don’t know, “Where is the bathroom?” “Can you help me? I’m lost,” or “Criminy, I’m choking on a poison blowfish.”
My most recent pondering was how to write my name in Japanese. As the letter “L” doesn’t exist, I will have to choose a syllable beginning with R to compensate. However, according to the book I’m reading (I have yet to find two Japanese language books that teach the same thing) the syllable “Re” is pronounced like “Rain.” So I can either be Ro-Ra-N, Ra-Ra-N, or Ro-Rain. I think I might go with Ro-Ra-N, because, like my friend Logan pointed out, it will be funny to have everyone sound like they’re roaring at me all the time. MY NAME IS ROARIN’!
I could go by my first name and make it easier on everyone, but like I told Justin earlier, I don’t think I should change my name just because an entire country can’t pronounce it. He said that that might actually be a pretty good reason to do so, which is also a good point.
I’ll get back to you when I figure anything out.

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