We’ll lead as Two Kings

Okay, better late than never, so here it is: My trip to Switzerland.
I can’t guarantee as much of a ratio of hilarious captions to pictures as I did with my Baltimore Photo Log, mostly because this one is three pages long, and by the end, I was like “Fuck it: Me with tree, me standing in front of shit, me fake smiling”
Yeah, so, there you go. Rock. It makes me sad to make that.
I’ll be back, Zermatt, don’t you worry.
I saw School of Rock today. Eh, pretty funny. Shitty writing, and the costume design was godawful. Seriously, if you pay for your kids to go to a $15,000 a year school, you’re not going to wear a Northface Jacket and some khakis to Parents’ Night. Trust me. I know.
Of course, it was good to see my cute little Jack, but still.
Also, the audience was FULL of little kids! I mean, I think I was the only person there my age!
Seriously, though, like, I thought this movie’s demographic was Jack Black fans, not fifth graders. I mean it’s not like they all said “Hey, mom, you know that drug addict from Orange County – ooh, and that music snob in the witty fast paced comedy High Fidelity starring John Cusack?! Yeah, he’s in a new movie, and I’m sure it’ll be better than Shallow Hal, as I found the end resolution to be pointless and unfulfilling.”
I guess they said “Hey, I go to school! And I often PLAY in rocks! LET’S GO!”
Anyhoo, okay, radio, radio… Let’s say… When’s HBF radio, that’s Tuesday, right? Okay, so Wednesday seems to be good for people, eh? What say about 8:00 Eastern time? Good?
We can all meet here, and then hop on into #skullzdotirc in irc.chatsociety.net, sound good? Rock.
Okay, I’m going to go over here now.
Have fun.
Update – PS, The new Comedy Central cartoon, Kid Notorious?
I remember that kind of animation!
…Back when it was called FLASH.
And it was more consistently funny.
NOW they’re premiering Say It Isn’t So on Comedy Central?!

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