Weekend Update

Here are the things that happened to me this weekend, in the order in which they happened.
-I got a mystery headache that lasted 48 hours.
-I fell asleep at 7 PM, intending to nap for an hour, and instead woke up at 7 AM.
-I didn’t get a job I wanted.
-I ate at my favorite breakfast place with Josie, a friend I met in Switzerland when I was 15.
-I ate free cheese samples from a cute cheese seller.
-I went to hang out with Melissa.
-$6 disappeared from my pocket in a parking lot in Malibu. (Treachery afoot?)
-I walked a long stretch of beach and dipped my toe in the water.
-I befriended a seagull by feeding him peanuts. I named him Spots.
-I chased off a mean seagull, Whitey, who tried to steal Spots’ peanuts.
-I ate appetizers and had an Espresso Martini with Melissa at a swanky beachside hotel, where Bob Saget was also dining.
-A friend who is a singer of songs left one as a voicemail.
-I read some of my Dexter book.
-I played Little Big Planet with Lindsay, Aaron, and Kyle from Improv.
-I touched a live snake named Sammy.
-I ate a slice of a 28-inch pizza.
-I beat my friends twice on multiplayer Call of Duty 4! (Out of maybe 20…)
-I watched a Kung Fu movie where a guy punches his palm through an entire building.
If friends can help life go from such suck to such awesome in just a few days, I intend on being crowned Princess of Kitten Town (currency: cupcakes!) sometime next week.

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