So Gabe gave me some vitamins that he said have an interesting side effect of causing lucid dreaming. I decided to test it out, on a weekend night, so I’d have more time to sleep, as I am a masochist during the week.
Anyway, so I tried one, and it was pretty potent. I couldn’t recall TOO many details the next day, but I know I had a LOT of dreams, and I was aware I was dreaming in each one. I kept thinking, in my dreams, “It’s because of the vitamins! Awesome! I hope I remember this!” But I wasn’t able to affect anything.
Until the last dream. In this dream, I was working with Jamie and Kevin for a painter or an artist or something, and we were mass producing this delicate artwork. I dunno. This was in Dream New York or Dream Venice; they kind of look the same. Anyway, at one point, I was cleaning up the studio, and I said, “This is a mess,” and the artist thought I was talking about her work, and she got pissed and fired all three of us.
I was really upset for a few minutes, but then I remembered, “Lucid dreaming, lucid dreaming, TiVo! Rewind! Rewind!” And I like skipped back — literally like a TiVo, with the little bar and beeps and flashes of video. And I went back to myself cleaning up, and actively did NOT say anything disparaging. It was pretty cool.
When I took the second pill Gabe gave me, nothing that cool happened. My dreams seem to be getting shorter and with less…plot? I have flashes of intense emotions or, like, answers to some unasked question. Nothing to blog about, though. The other night, I dreamt my friend asked if I shaved my legs, and I said I did, and he said, “Good.” Look out members of the Dream Pulitzer Board.
I did have one notable snippet a few weeks back. My friend Mike, who died of an aneurysm a year ago came to me, and we chilled. I also dreamt about him right after he died. It was a nice, relaxing conversation, just the two of us hanging out. Well, so, in this dream, he came to me really intently and said something that I don’t feel like sharing. Suffice it to say, he told me that a problem I was going through wasn’t what it seemed. This took me aback because I had finally figured out and come to terms with that problem, and I was uncomfortable opening it back up. Also, a few of my friends were there, and they felt very awkward by Mike’s insistence.
Now, I’m not gonna get all hippy dippy on you, but it really struck me as a strange dream, a strange cast of characters, and strange that I would be subconsciously second-guessing this scenario that I thought I came to terms with.