Vegas / Skiing

Ugh, another example of why I need to blog right when I wake up, and not before I’m going to sleep at the end of the day.
Last night, I had two dreams. The first was set in Las Vegas. There’s a ride/attraction at Disneyland in LA that is a building with a revolving ring on the outer edge of the building. You stand there and watch some dude on his magical balloon or something, and he looks like he’s about to sing “Imaginaaaaaation!” like in South Park. Wait, is that what they’re making fun of?
Anyway, the building in this dream was like that, and I’ve been there in dreams before. It’s a hotel in Dream Las Vegas. The outer edge has a window where you can watch the outside go by. There’s also a roller coaster on the inside, and you can travel the perimeter.
I don’t remember much of this part, except that I felt like I was trying to have fun, despite trying to lose something tailing me. Like, blend in with the crowds maybe?
The second dream was about skiing. I was skiing with my brother. I don’t know where, but I must have been jerking around in my sleep. I kept crossing the tips of my skis, which is such a real-life rush of scary adrenaline, I’m sure I was actually thrashing around to uncross them.
I also remember hitting a bunch of ice patches, and when that happens in real life you go MUCH faster for a second, and it can be pretty scary. People usually fall in ice patches because their weight isn’t balanced enough now that their feet are suddenly going much faster than the rest of their body. I hit an ice patch and went off into some trees. I was keeping myself pretty balanced, but there was ice in there. I kept trying to have a conversation with Ryan, though, like nothing was happening. I wanted to play it cool, because I so rarely get a chance to talk to him.
Something bad happened at the bottom. We must have been in Japan. I messed something up big time at the ski place, and they were asking me to pay hundreds of dollars to fix it. I don’t feel like I broke anything, more like I filled out some paperwork wrong. Or I had done something I hoped would be a secret or that I could get out of, and they had caught me. I remember feeling really crappy that I had to pay all this money, but also sort of that I deserved it for being sneaky about whatever it was.
Blah, dreams are boring when I remember more about emotions than actual events. Maybe something better tomorrow!