I get too much satisfaction deleting the spam on my website.
I might actually invest in a version of MovableType someday where you have to pay for the blogging software in exchange for kickass spam blocking. Probably other stuff, too, but nothing so snazzy that I would otherwise have given up my sworn pact to never pay for things that I can get just as well online for free. Same reason I never pay for hentai.
Just kidding. I have a lot of hentai manga.
Anyway, until I buy MT, I’m just Jim Dandy erasing all this crap from my site with MT-Blacklist. For those of you not in the know, MT-Blacklist is a plugin that basically lets you list suspicious-looking comments. “I think your site is hilarious, from your bestest pal apok@skullz.org.” Sure, move along, now. “I think your site is hilarious, from your bestest pal GayPornTexasHoldEm@free-online-credit-report.cz.” Well, you almost tricked me, GayPornTexasHoldEm, because I went to high school with someone of the exact same name, but I think I have you figured out.
So MT-Blacklist lets you make a big long list of them and then delete them all in a mass exodus. It takes a small amount of time to keep it updated, as more and more wackos come up with wacky domain names, but not more than a minute every couple days. But I imagine these spammers wearing babushkas in an overcrowded factory in some war-torn country trying to spam me for their weekly allowance of 3 rubles so they can feed their family, and BAM! I erase 75 spam comments at once. Ha HAH!
In reality, it’s probably a 13-year-old named Jason who wrote this spamming software in study hall and pressed one button to spam the entire internet, but allow me this one dream, will you?
Anyhoo, I got a new idea for Buzzwear and I made a new avatar that probably no one will get, but I think it’s hilarious.
I sent in my first order for my Buzzwear art to be approved, and I’ll hear back from them tomorrow. Which one will it be? Which one will it be?
Also, no one should ever get a 500 error AGAIN! Hooray! This is such a great day. It ended up to be a problem with MovableType — some CHMOD error was happening in the background. The server automatically fixed the error, but it caused my site to be down for a minute after every comment. Since the error technically fixed itself, my host apparently felt wasn’t important enough to tell me it was happening at all. Anyway, no hard feelings, and I accept responsibility for…well, using software that had a weird setting, but that was easily fixable (by Justin). My host’s support was very quick to respond to my emails, but the runaround I got was ridiculous. Let me summarize for you a fun-filled roller coaster of emails that I’ve been getting for the past three weeks illustrated by pretty bullet points.

  • Hello. I seem to be getting 500 errors the next time a page is loaded after I update my website or anyone leaves a comment. I use MovableType, and it worked fine on my last site. Here is a link to my last host’s specs. Here is an informative link that might work from the MovableType website about how to correct certain 500 errors.
    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • You just get lots of traffic during peak times! There’s not much we can do!


  • Hi, Jim. I don’t think it’s traffic, as the times were in the middle of the night, and oddly consistent with my updating or commenting using MovableType. My last host didn’t have this problem, but I like you guys a whole lot more! I hope we can resolve this.


  • Hmm, why don’t we move you to a new server? That should solve the problems with traffic and peak times. PS — Your site will be down for 7 hours.


  • Hello. I appreciate your swift work of moving me to a new server, and I hate to keep bothering you guys, but I’m still getting the error when I update my MovableType or someone comments. I hope we can work this out.


  • I can’t seem to replicate the error. When does it happen?


  • Ahoy to you.
    The error happens in MovableType when I make a new entry, edit one, or someone comments. You can replicate it by commenting. Thanks for all your hard work!


  • You have been moved to a higher level of support.
    Are you by any chance using MovableType?


  • Yep! MovableType! I sure am! 500 errors! They happen when I update or comment on it! THANKS!


  • You should really switch to this new type of blogging software called MovableType. The kids seem to like it, but I hear it sometimes gives 500 errors.


I will say again that it was my fault, and they have been nothing but friendly in my month of emails and phone calls, but I know they have a snazzy little system where they can write on the open ticket helpful info like “This user is using MovableType,” or “This user has already been moved to a new server,” or “This user is a bitch; ignore her emails.”
But I’m very glad it was my fault, because I love my new host and they have a nice shiny control panel where I can check out all you weirdos who visit me.
I’ve got your IP, GayPornTexasHoldEm, so back off!

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