Turkey Lurkey Doo

Mornin’ websurfers.
This update is coming atcha from beautiful Colorado, in a dirty frat house, on a dirty mac.
I hope it finds you all well.
The surreality of having just spent the night in the bed my brother has no doubt shared with countless sorority girls is only compounded by the oddness of listening to his iTunes that is chock full of bands such as “deftones” and “Bright Eyes” and “Modest Mouse” and “Other music that trendy people listen to.”
I’m up bright and early so’s I can go to his campus store to fulfill my obsession with purchasing college-themed apparel, though-not-necissarily-the-college-I-actually-attended. I also look forward to “grubbin’,” as the kids say, at some college town restaurant like “The Hangover Cure” or “Morning-After Muffins” or “Burritos So Cheap, You Will Literally Shit Your Pants; Bathrooms Are For Staff Only.”
This has seemingly been a college week for me, because I was called out of town on a gig last weekend in a firehall of the town of Ramey, Pennsylvania (Motto: Even We Can’t Find Our Goddamn Firehall), and I brought along with me the veritable Matt Little to do a guest set, because I know he’s been wanting to visit his old stomping grounds in State College.
He provided me with good accompaniment and better humor as we drove through the Town That Time Forgot where our cell phones stopped working, and I’m pretty sure we got a few odd looks for driving around town on something that wasn’t a Quad or a tractor.
The gig was fine, I suppose, and we set off to State College so Matt’s friends that still lived there could show me what college was really about (drinking) as I constantly thought back to what *my* college experience was all about (staying locked in my room, resenting my friends that were out drinking).
Fun was had, good times by all, and for you, I present another patented phlog documenting my time.
Yes, I forgot to upload it when I was home. My bad.
Well, now I’m going to take a shower in a sketchy-ass disease-ridden pit of despair they call “showers.”
I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving.
I plan to. I have a lot to be thankful for.

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