Top Gun…without the gay innuendo

Well, my brother just officially entered the Air Force as an officer.
He is now a 2nd Lieutenant, and I’m very proud of him.
I just got back from Colorado and sat through two of the possibly most boring commencement ceremonies of any college ever. Well, to be fair, I don’t remember much of mine because I spent it playing my gameboy and reading a copy of Maxim. Also, for those of you who don’t know, University of Colorado Boulder is notorious not only for its riots and drug and alcohol abuse, but it’s rampant with hippies.
And I’m not talking the people I usually label as “hippies” who are actually nice, normal people who happen to have some liberal opinions on things, I am talking homeless, stoned, long-haired Willie Nelson after a three-month anti-shower binge lookalikes. And that’s just the professors!
But seriously, folks. The general consensus over there is none too happy to be providing soldiers and airmen to the government when these men could be eating Ben & Jerry and listening to Phish like a real citizen.
Needless to say, Ryan was none too happy when, during the journalism school’s commencement, the dean read off some future plans of its graduates, conspicuously skipping over Ryan’s plans to serve our country for the next 10 years, but luckily landing on the person after him who was looking into a stunning career in the brewing, frothing, and serving of various flavored coffees.
Anyway, I cried like a wee little school girl when I pinned his bars on his shoulder. But I couldn’t get the pin through his uniform and into the clasp, so I punched them into his shoulder so I wouldn’t look like a wuss.
So, way to go, Ryan!
The few, the proud, the…be all you can be.
What the hell is the Air Force slogan?

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