Too Long to Be a Tweet

Int: Lauren’s Car — Day
A song from Mama Mia plays.

Tyler: Oh, this is the weird song where the women are all dancing around the men.
Lauren: I haven’t actually seen Mama Mia.
Tyler: You should!
Lauren: Well, I’ve seen “Three Men and a Baby,” so…
Tyler: Yeah, you know that’s totally different, right?
Lauren: I’m sure it’s the same.
Tyler: You know, they’re making another one of those movies.
Lauren: Yeah, it’s called “Three Men and a Little Lady,” which I also saw.
Tyler: …It’s called “Three Men and a Bride,” and everyone from the originals is signed back on for it. Even Nancy Travis!
Lauren: Wait, I thought the mom died.
Tyler: That’s “My Two Dads”! You’re mixing up all your Paternity Mix-Up movies!

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