There’s nothing more inane than a blog explaining why one hasn’t updated


My last post was way back in the early days of June, which now seems impossibly far away. I have a very good excuse for why I was off-the-grid in the middle weeks of July, and it’s because of Comic-Con and Comic-Con-adjacent activities, which is not as fun as it probably sounds. It’s a lot of running around like a beheaded chicken who has to blog for work until 2 am and can’t even have a glass of wine. Okay, can’t have 2 glasses of wine.

I also cosplayed as Lara Croft, and it was my first cosplay for SDCC, but not my first cosplay EVER, if you count a disappointing appearance at Long Beach Comic-Con as Buffy Summers (no one recognized me) and a spot-on Daenerys Targaryen worn to a Halloween party, where a girl asked me if I was Shrek’s wife. Anyway, SDCC was fun. I wish more people had asked to take my picture. Maybe I didn’t look approachable enough, what with all the blood and glaring.

As an excuse for the times I was not updating and *also* not at Comic-Con, I would like to share with you that I’ve been writing like a crazy person. I write for a science fiction website, and I was actually considering double posting some of my op-ed pieces here, since it’s basically the angry Lauren you know and I assume enjoy if you come back to read my few-and-far-between updates. Perhaps you have magic RSS. I’m getting off-topic.

I’ve also been writing short fiction and mapping out my plan for this year’s NaNoWriMo well in advance. AND I occasionally dabble in my non-fiction writing project, which is comprised of my innermost thoughts on going to Japan and dressing up as Marty McFly for Halloween and having everyone — EVERYONE — ask me why I DIDN’T DRESS UP AT ALL. See? My life has a lot of THEMES. But sadly I won’t be posting any of those writings on here. But you can buy my book! When I write it! Step 3: Profit!

But I shouldn’t neglect ol’ HBM. Would you guys want double posts from the science fiction website? I’d only do the funny ones. Promise.

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