There’s no crying in baseball

Today, I’d like to talk to you about a disturbing trend I’ve noticed in my favorite channel of all time.
Comedy Central…you turn 13 and suddenly, you think you’re the cock of the walk.
Recently, I’ve been noticing a lot of shit slip through the air-waves, and not enough people shaking their fists and asking why, and I think I’ve sort of figured it out.
Much like in high school, the gruff, rude jockey type guys do whatever they want, and everyone else is supposed to dance around like the Emperor’s New Clothes and act like, Yes, sire, Mad TV is brilliant comedy!
Comedy Central has been taken over by the shock jocks of comedy.
It all makes so much sense to me now.
Colin Quinn, you have a sense of humor somewhere. I don’t know WHERE, but it’s somewhere. Maybe it’s under your 4-month-old 5 o’clock shadow, there buddy.
I respect you as a comedian, but you might want to work on that speech impediment you try to pass off as a New York accent. Maybe your timing wouldn’t be off if your tongue didn’t trip around in your mouth like a raver in a Museum of Dentistry.
(Okay, that was reaching. Dennis Miller I am not.)
The Man Show. I…Wh…Stop.
Please stop. I am ALL for mysogeny in the name of humor, trust me.
But this crap has got to go. Who is letting this stay on the air?!
Joe Rogan, you suck on the Man Show, you suck on Fear Factor, and you sucked on News Radio. I wish it had been you instead of Phil Hartman, buddy.
At least he was on twelve shows at once because he was funny.
I have almost nothing bad to say about Jimmy Kimmel, and it’s not because I have a hot, hot crush on him, but he was a lot funnier as a wacky sidekick on Win Ben Stein’s money, because the execs didn’t greenlight every word that dribbled out of his mouth.
Crack Yankers definately has its moments, but the last couple episodes have been like…struggling comedians (and unknowns with the last name “Kimmel”…) spewing a pre-written monologue for ten minutes, to have some girl go “Um…okay?” and hang up the phone.
That’s not a crank call, buddy.
Sit behind your desk and look pretty, Jimmy.
Dave Chappelle. Eh.
Yeah. Funny.
I’ll laugh. It’s not a ground-breaking cornerstone for the comedy of our times, but I’ll give it a chuckle.
Denis Leary, Lewis Black, and anyone on the cast of Shorties, or who has ever been on Tough Crowd, or as I like to call it — “Politically Incorrect Part Two: We don’t really NEED to know what we’re talking about! Enjoy your esoteric knowledge behind the fry-o-later, Bill Maher!” — SHUT UP!
Nobody has to be that angry and cynical all the time, okay?!
Give up the act!
It’s so tiresome.
Grrr!! I am ANGRY about things!
What is the deal with things pissing me off!
I am so fresh, bringing to light normal things and yelling at people about them!
Dude, they have medication for you now.
Lewis Black is going to have an aneurysm, if he hasn’t already.
I thought he had three in his last Comedy Central Presents.
Comedy Central has turned into this club, where everything a bunch of angry comics is taken as gospel, and whole shows are being produced on their false premises.
Shorties Watching Shorties???
Yeah. Good idea.
Because we all remember how well cartoons with comedians go over, and Dr. Katz at least had some talent on HIS show before being axed.
God, help us all.
Angry comics make me angry.
What do you think about that?

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