There, the crevasse, Fill it with your mighty juice.

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.
Um… So, this Saturday? I’m sort of going to be MCing a comedy gig.
And getting paid for it.
Holy shit.
This is like, the coolest day of my life.
God bless you Brett Pintado, with your inspiring words of “No, I really think you’re funny. Honestly. Also? Everyone else was booked.”
Seriously, though, I am psyched as psyched can be, I must say.
When Brett was telling me that, though he’s only seen me perform once in his life, he thinks that I’m genuinely funny, I started that whole self-conscious thing I tend to do, and he was like “Quit it with that nervous giggly shit. You’re funny.”
It was awesome.
I want it to say that on my tombstone.
Well, maybe not that exactly.
Maybe like “Quit it with that whole boo hoo, I’m dead shit. You were funny.”
Okay, so I guess it would be a good time to point out that I am currently what we in the business call “intoxicated”. I meant to go do some errands after the show, but I got “caught up” in people “buying drinks for me” and I think Guinness should be considered like four or five drinks instead of just one.
But, I’m pretty psyched.
Man, life is awesome.
Okay, so anyway, I have two real quick points of business, then I’m going to go dream about being funny.
First, no radio show tomorrow.
Yeah, cancelling before I start. Aren’t I cool? Yeah, no I’m retarded, and I forgot that I’m going to watch some comics perform. So, Thursday, then?
Still 8 PM? I’ll have my hair cut by then, and honestly, I think the cut will help me do a better show. I’m just saying is all.
Second, I know there are a lot of coolio nerds and webmonkeys out there, and I have a mission for you all.
See, the bar next to the Comedy Club does Karaoke every Tuesday after Open Mic night. And I like to go up there, but all they have are a bunch of songs I don’t know, so I requested some D from the Karaoke Lady, and she said if I found some, I could go up next week.
So here is your mission.
Find the song Fuck Her Gently by Tenacious D, Karaoke style.
Or if you have some sort of Rocket Ship Space software that can take vocals out of mp3s, rock.
Hit me up with an email, and if someone finds it, I promise to tape my singing of it and post it here.
If you find ANY Karaoke versions of D songs, that’d be cool, too, but that’s the one I really want to sing.
Now GO FORTH, my minions.
All right, until tomorrow.
I love you all.

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