The Island

I was over on the forums, and Joe had posted a list of the seven hot women he would want to be trapped on an island with.
I wanted to make a list of my own, but I was upset that it had to be a sexy sex island. Many of you don’t know Joe, and I personally love the guy, but I once saw him lose a fight with a plastic clothes hanger.
He put up a good fight, but how is he going to forage through the wilderness if he spends all his time making out with Mena Suvari?
Sure, he could use her forehead to reflect light into passing airplanes, but what about when the boars come?
And the girls, sure, they can have all the makeouts they want, but who’s going to braid your hair and talk about periods? Not Brad Pitt, that’s for sure.
So I have come up with my own island.
Joe’s rules dictated 7 people of your opposing sexual preference, but I bent the rules a little and traded my last male in for 3 lovely ladies.
This probably doesn’t help my whole heterosexuality bid, but I can nonsexually find women attractive and still ask them to braid my hair.
So without further ado, my island members.
David Boreanaz from TV’s “Buffy” and some other shows I don’t watch:

Bryan Dattilo from TV’s “Days of Our Lives.”
Josh Holloway from TV’s “Lost”:

Harrison Ford circa 1985:

Richard Kahan from TV’s “The 4400”:

And my ladies:
Farah Fath from TV’s “Days of Our Lives”:

Fairuza Balk from various movies where she plays a smoky-voiced witch:

Alyson Hannigan from “Buffy” and various movies where she breathes at inappropriate times in the middle of sentences:

So there you have it.
What a wacky island we’ll have.
Ooh, and maybe we can solve crimes, too.

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