Super size me!

I saw “Super Size Me” this weekend.
As with the show “30 Days,” I had to have Justin pause it every 5 minutes or so so we could have a debate.
See, unlike wackos like my parents and my soon-to-be-married best friend and fiance, Justin and I don’t necessarily have the same viewpoints on a lot of things.
It was a fun movie to watch, I guess, even though most of my debates consisted of “Look at that smug face. I’d sure like to punch him” or “Well, of course he’s getting sick. Look at that stupid moustache! I’m sick just looking at him!”
I get a little defensive of my Big Macs. Well, as I had predicted when the movie came out, it served to me only as a tasty-looking, hour-and-a-half-long McDonald’s commercial. So despite my diet, which has actually been working, I cheated and got myself a Big Mac.
Beneath all my cynicism, however, I guess it’s pretty cool that this guy’s trying to share his (*cough*bleeding heart*cough*) viewpoints with the world as a whole, and I guess he’s just trying to do his part to fight the good fight. I don’t think he’s shocking any audiences that eating nothing but fried food thrice a day might just be bad or, in his show “30 Days'” case, that an abortion clinic worker might not really enjoy living with some Pro-Life holy crusaders. But the fact that I pause the show every few minutes to voice my opinion and hear an opposing viewpoint (I think the guy’s IMing Justin and telling him what to say to me) says that he’s out for the greater good and attempting to bring about more social change than, say, “X” to the “Z” is on “Pimp My Ride.”
So, Morgan Spurlock, I salute you, even though it sounds like you were named after the sound someone with a head cold made while sneezing.

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