Sunday Jammin’

Here is a video of my cat trying to bury his food under my hardwood floor.
(You must have DivX.)
And here is him getting introduced to my new mirror.
He’s smart enough to know it’s not an actual other cat, which is disappointing, because I was looking forward to laughing hilariously at him attacking himself, but he’s still curious about the mechanics of it all…until he decides to sharpen his claws.
So I saw a hilarious sign on the side of the street in a residential neighborhood the other day.
It said “ABSOLUTELY NO CRUISING” and then underneath it, it said, “‘Cruising’ is driving past the same spot within a six hour time period.”
There are many reasons why this is hilarious. First, six hours? What if you work a half day and you come home in six hours?
Second, how exactly are the cops enforcing this?
I doubt they document every car that drives by and cross-reference it with documents from the previous six hours. It would take six more hours to do THAT, and by then the “perp” would be off doing other illegal acts like walking his dog or scratching himself. (PS you cannot scratch yourself in the same place twice in six hours)
Third and most hilarious is the fact that they used some hip slang, then defined it right underneath.
Why not just say “Absolutely No Driving Past The Same Spot Within A Six Hour Time Period”? No, they had to call it cruisin’ and then define it like losers.
Why aren’t there signs like “ABSOLUTELY NO BUSTIN’ A CAP IN A BITCH’S ASS” then underneath “‘Bustin’ a cap in a bitch’s ass’ is shooting either a woman or a man you are trying to demean by calling him by an effemanate word.”
Then later that day, I was driving down the road, and I could have SWORN that I saw Budnick from “Salute Your Shorts” walking down the street, but I dared not turn around lest I pass the same place twice within six minutes.
I’ll bet it was him, though.

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