Sunday in Pajamas

It’s my first full day with literally nothing to do in so long, I don’t even know what to do with myself.
For the first time since college finals and the week before coming home from Swiss Semester, I keep getting a twitchy feeling that there’s something that I should be doing that I’d just forgotten about. I’ve just taken to leaving my Day Planner open on my desk, because I’m tired of taking it out of my bag to double-check that I have nothing to do, and returning it to the bag. I’m not very good at relaxing.
I got back from a trip to the Kansai region of Japan last Wednesday, and I’ve been captioning photos and trying to catch up in my journal with what happened. It’s weird, though, because I don’t get the urge to blog about the big things that happen — the temples upon beautiful temples, the discovering of interesting restaurants and foods I didn’t even know I liked. My personal journal reads like, well, a day planner. First I woke up. Then I ate this. Then I saw this. Then we made a joke about a bird chasing Gabe across Japan. But it’s not very good storytelling. I guess I’ll let the pics I post later do that for me.
It just made me think the other day that the things that really inspire me to write are the day-to-day monotony. The librarian who traveled to Tokyo to give me a book about the samurai who founded the town I live in. The insult that a Japanese person hilariously said to me without even knowing it was insulting — like complimenting me by telling me I have a small head, or telling me to join in sports day because I look awkward.
I guess even today. Even though I haven’t moved from this spot on my couch bed since I sat up this morning, I got the urge to post here with what I’ve been doing on my first day off in forever.
And without further ado, here are the fruits of a day free from the shackles of appointments in my scheduler.
Gabe-bacca and Lauren Solo

Princess Lo-a and Jamie the Hutt

Gabe tries to eat deer food

Gabe is haunted by a bird following him around Japan

Yeah, maybe having things to do is a good thing. I need to get out more.

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