Stop Raping my Childhood

Well, I was cruising around my Random Image Generator, as I do more frequently than I breathe, and I happened across this little gem.

Now, anyone who I would want reading my site knows what that is from. It’s the name of the street that the Simpsons live on. And you know what? Enough’s enough. I was willing to let Fall Out Boy slip past, but this is just too much. And do you want to know something else? Fall Out Boy didn’t even know who Fallout Boy was because a fucking fan named them.
I was even going to forgive my frustration of the band’s misspelling of the word, “fallout,” but no more. And don’t give me that they probably changed the spelling so they wouldn’t get sued by Matt Groening. To quote the Honorable Judge Judy, don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.
And now Evergreen Terrace. Does anyone put any thought into naming their band anymore? Or do you just flip on the old tube and let it name your expression of creativity?
Wait, guys, I’ve got a great idea for a new band. It’s going to be called “CNN, Quagmire, 4 8 15 16 23 42, Seth Green, The Wiggles, Sephiroth, Wolverine, Christopher Lowell.” I just covered like 6 demographics, bitch.
I think I’m really on to something.

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