Still movin’

Although I’m thrilled at the intelligent discourse of the last post, I need to talk a tiny bit about moving. Again.
I’ve said goodbye to my fellow comedians, my co-workers, my apartment. It’s always depressing and makes me wonder why I’m doing it again if I have so many people who care about me. Then I remember they’re just there for the beer/cake/building foundations (respectively) and they probably don’t even know my full name.
Packing has also been weird. I said goodbye to my parents this morning who left for a vacation, and here I sit, packing the essentials that will fit in my car.
It’s also weird to see the types of stuff I have chosen “if you were stranded on a desert island” style.
For instance, why did I pack my Indiana Jones trilogy but not Family Guy? Why did I choose my ’30s-style detective hat but not my Darth Vader helmet? Why have I chosen a book of grammar rules over my Chuck Palahniuk collection?
Why do I have an entire trunk full of CAT-5 cables and R/F cables and power cords but only one computer, Xbox, and PS2? Will my SNES cry when I leave it behind?
Will my half-naked Anime figurines creep out my mom, and more importantly, will she throw them away instead of selling them on eBay for enough to purchase a guest house with me in LA?
Should I really be blogging when I have to pack up my entire life into an SUV?
Should I instead do neither and go get some ice cream?
I hope LA is a land of answers, my friends.

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