Being unemployed and without internet for a month has the unfortunate side effect (besides, you know, the really obvious ones where I fantasize about my own death) of spending a lot of time in public. I don’t quite know how to deal with this.
I was just asked by a fellow Starbucks patron if I minded watching over her stuff, and I cheerfully agreed before looking over to notice a table overflowing with textbooks, laptops, a pile of scary-looking documents, and a satchel that very likely contains uncut diamonds. So now instead of squinting over my computer, tabbing between job searches and lolcats (to keep my sanity), I have been enrolled as bodyguard to her life’s work, and I have to keep looking up and giving the stink eye to every customer who enters. How long will this be? She muttered where she was going, which I foolishly assumed was “the bathroom,” but she left through the only exit, and is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps she said Mexico, and I made a verbally binding agreement to continue her important document research in the event of her death.
Seriously, what if *I* wanted to leave? I don’t, but that’s not the point. I deserve at LEAST a Starbucks lemon bar as payment.
Then when I got here, I had to ask the guy next to me if I could use his outlet, because this blasted laptop has the battery power of my Lemonade Passion Tea. This apparently obliged me to listen to his life story for half an hour, which actually was pretty interesting. He’s an Indian American sitar player from San Fransisco and wanted to know what cool stuff was in the area. Then he was complaining because he came here to play with an international ensemble, and they’re making him practice too much. But it is hard to apply for jobs and give tourism advice, so I eventually had to excuse myself.
Oh, and then, since this is LA, I saw a celebrity! Adam Arkin from NBC’s “Life,” watchable Mondays and Fridays! First season DVD now available! And their writing staff is very attractive.
Anyway, I saw him, and I smiled at him, and maybe someday he’ll do me. That’s how it works in Hollywood, right? I don’t mind a silver fox.
Yeah, I guess getting out in public isn’t so bad.