Some things makes me angry

Can I say something controversial here?
You know?
I’m getting a little bit tired of everyone mooing about the bible in schools and separation of church and state and Happy Non-Denominational Winter Festivus!
These people that pounce on everyone about tolerance are being *intolerant* about socio-cultural norms.
I say CULTURAL, because in this country (America) MOST people believe in God, and a LARGE amount are Christian.
So, it would not be a lie to say that the majority celebrate the traditional Christian holidays. Cool.
But the second someone says “Merry Christmas” on television instead of “Seasons Greetings” or “I Fuckin’ Love Me Some Winter” or something, that person is closed-minded and politically incorrect and a thousand kittens and babies die.
After visiting a forum wherein people where hooting about separation of church and state, I watched a show about animals, and when they got to the snake, the narrator talked about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.
Unconsciously, I got the same “can they SAY this?” feeling I get when I watch South Park.
The old “it doesn’t bother ME, but SOMEone’s gonna be pissed” sort of feeling.
Then I realized that if he had talked about the Berenstein Bears during the grizzly section, I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash.
But a bible story? For shame.
Then I was pissed off at myself for a while, and it got me thinking (when the show talked about piranhas prefering pumkins to meat) that Halloween is a religious holiday.
Aren’t we dressing up to fend of spirits or some shit?
That’s not very Christian, and yes, some churches are against it, but, the tolerant people celebrate it anyway.
Because it’s not that big a deal.
Besides, I’m fairly certain there’s trick-or-treating in heaven, and I *know* God doesn’t give any of those shitty fun-size candies, he gives you the whole fucking Butterfinger.
My point is, why does it bother people that the prevailing religion comes up in life?
I don’t by any means think that it should be *forced,* but what’s the big idea if it’s just there?
I went to preschool at JCC. This was in the early ’80s, and I brought my lunch to school, and sometimes the stuff wasn’t kosher or it was a Jewish fasting holiday or something, but did anyone care? No. That’s fucking tolerance.
“Happy Passover!” “Happy Easter!” “Let’s go on the see-saw!” We were kids! It was awesome.
When I went to Switzerland, they don’t celebrate the traditional Halloween, at least in the town of Zermatt, where I stayed.
What happened was, this big dude dressed in a huge, black cape walked down the streets and whipped anyone who got in his way with a bunch of sticks.
This was almost ten years ago, and I can’t remember much, nor can I find what the ritual was called on the internet, but he had something on him that you were supposed to try to steal.
Anyway, the point is, I was on fucking EXCHANGE in a foreign country, and walking home from the supermarket, I was BEATEN WITH STICKS as per a religious culteral ritual there.
Did I whine about how Switzerland is supposed to be neutral and tolerant to my views? No, I fucking went back and tried to steal the little thing again without getting whipped.
I am not making that story up.
So, my point is, why can’t we all love each other?
If I say Merry Christmas to you, and you’re Jewish, say Happy Hannukah back.
We all love each other.
It reminds me of that Simpsons where Kent Brockman promises a breaking news story of “Religion: Which is the One True Faith?”
The happiest things I ever see are some Atheist celebrating Christmas because presents are cool, or some Christian celebrating Halloween because candy is cool.
That gives me hope for humanity.
Tolerance: It’s Not Just a Growth Spurt for Insects.

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