I’ve been keeping a secret from you.
Back in October, I decided to take a slightly large plunge and apply to a program that I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. It’s the JET program, and its purpose is to ship native English speakers to Japan and have them teach school children.
Depending on who you ask, it’s pretty hard to get in, it’s completely a random lottery, or they give the job to anyone with a pulse. Personally, I went for the option that would bring my full-blown OCD to the surface and leave me whimpering in a corner for months on end. So, yeah, I didn’t want to post about it here because if I didn’t get in, I would have to admit to the Internets that I had failed them.
BUT since you’re reading this, and if you’ve hit refresh recently, you may be able to tell that I got good news.
I tried to mentally document all of my harrowing tales, which I hope to recreate in the coming months before I leave. And once I get there, I hope to continue to provide you with awesome stories of my travels and classes.
I don’t know where I will be placed just yet, but I’m leaving in less than four months, and all I know in Japanese is how to count to 10 and how to say “Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto.” Yeeeeah.
Anyway, so the last week was spent madly getting chest x-rays, blood tests, applying for a new passport, getting fingerprinted for the FBI, and trying to figure out what the hell all these IRS forms are saying. And now that that’s through, I can sit back, relax, and worry that all my Fed-Exed documents will simultaneously get lost in the mail and I won’t get to go to Japan, and I will have to admit to the Internet that I’ve failed.
So there’s that. Other than that, life is AWESOME! I’m going to Japan! Whoo! YATTA!

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