So, this is new

Hey, guys. My friend Greg has graciously been working bee-hind the scenes here to help me move on from the Japanese chapter into my life back to my honey-filled roots. We’re probably gonna be fixing links in the background for a little while, but I just couldn’t contain my excitement, and I had to launch just as soon as I was happy with the layout.

I wanted to title the page “OH THE BEEMANITY,” but far be it from me to steal google traffic from Something Awful, so I just went with a provocative bee pun. Because that’s what I do.

It’s wordpress. That means it will be infinitely easier to change layouts, and all of my pages are backed up and recategorized very pleasingly instead of the mishmash dump heap they were in. And also no more spam, if all goes to plan, which was basically the whole reason I did this switch. Apparently “I” was using over 4,000 times my allotted usage (yes, 4,000 times) with my webhost because of a malicious spammer pinging some blog entry likely about cats and unicorns. So I switched. And made Greg hand delete 1,350 comments. He wants everyone to know that.

Anyway, enjoy! Don’t fear change, like I usually do, with every aspect of life. No. Embrace it. As I embrace my body pillow. Because it’s 3:30 in the morning, and that’s my goal for several minutes from now.

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