Things That Look Like Bees, But Aren’t Bees

I collect pictures of things that look like bees, but aren’t bees. Things from cartoon bees, to animals dressed as bees, to friends that are simply wearing a bee-style shirt (quite common these days).

Fan Bee 16 — Crack HBM reader and IRL fan Meg stumbled upon this cat, and since it’s pretty much the best thing ever, it’s right up here at the top. Wow, I found this on JohnnyPayPhone, and it’s just about the coolest thing in the world.
If I had one, no kid in my neighborhood would not be stung by its wrath.
This is a band of some sort. Or an alien takeover. I WANT ONE! Bees protecting people from rain… what next? This is a kid with the coolest hat in the world.
You can see it a little better in the reflection of the window.
Man, I had to be a ninja to get THIS picture
without freaking out his family.
This is a “bee-lloon” as I like to call it.
It looks like a bee, but it isn’t a bee.
This is a rich bee. Or my friend Patrick As you can clearly see, Jean (the girl on the left) is a bee.
Judson and I are simply attractive fashion models.
You will soon learn that many tents are actually bees.
This was on my college campus, stinging students as they walked by.
This is a bee I met at an airport.
She didn’t know I was taking a picture of her.
The antenna of her cell phone is her antenna.
This is many bees pretending to be a Cirque Du Soleil tent.
Or pretending to bee a Cirque Du Soleil tent.
Bees can’t get enough of jokes like that.
Fan Bee 1 – Sent in by alert reader Scott from White Ninja Comics.
Comedy gold, my friends.
Fan Bee 2 – Sent in by alert reader Apok from SkullzDotOrg.
Cute enough to let sting you.
Fan Bee 3 – Sent in by alert reader Valrik from Valrik.Net. Beep Beep. Fan Bee 4 – Also sent in by alert reader Valrik from Valrik.Net.
Hippies can love bees, too.
Fan Bee 5 – Sent in by alert reader Mike from
Handy Bee for around the house.
Fan Bee 6 – Sent in by alert reader Justin from Fascination Street.
Bees can’t get enough of the cocaine.
Fan Bee 7 – Sent in by alert reader Sean, That One Guy I Used To Know.
He may have dumped me, but he knows a dog from a bee, that’s for sure!
Fan Bee 8 – Sent in by alert reader Eric.
Sort of a moderinst bee, but a bee nonetheless.
Fan Bee 9 – Another submission sent in by alert reader Valrik from
Good show, Futurama. Great bee impersonations.
Fan Bee 10 – Also sent in by Valrik.
What a bee watcher that Valrik is!
Fan Bee 11 – Sent in by alert reader Shawn, the coolest kid in town.
It’s stripey like a bee, and it’s a japanese fox, which, as we all know,
makes it all the more appropriate for this site.
Fan Bee 12 – Sent in by alert reader Gene.
Some bees are sluts. We don’t judge.
Fan Bee 13 – Sent in by alert reader Steven.
He tells me that in some crazy language,
“Dutch”, this beer is translated to mean “Bumblebee Beer”.
It also is made with honey.
That bee enough for me.
Fan Bee 14 – Sent in by alert reader KingHade. Man, look OUT. Fan Bee 15 – Sent in by alert reader Dave Fedor.
Hmm…do I make fun of Dave’s obsession with the BeeGees, or do I just post this picture that only loosely resembles the BeeGees looking like Bees, not to mention the fact that they ARE Bees, in the sense that they are BeeGees, thus negating the point of this page?
I think I’ll just post it.

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