I always feel more organized when I make lists of things, and it is always so satisfying when you get the chance to cross something off. So here’s a little peek into my life and some of my long- and short-term goals and a few I’m particularly proud of meeting.

  • Make a musical flash animation.
  • Learn to snowboard.
  • Work on a television show.
  • Write a television spec script.
  • Sell a greeting card.
  • Visit Egypt.
  • Go on a cruise with some friends.
  • Voice a cartoon or video game character.
  • Design/Write dialogue for a video game
  • Visit Chichen Itza again.
  • Write a children’s book.

Goals I’ve Met

  • Get paid to perform comedy.
  • Stay in a hotel for free for comedy.
  • Move to Switzerland for a month.
  • Buy a kitten.
  • Graduate cum laude.
  • Design a website for money.
  • Knit a wearable garment of clothing
  • Sell funny t-shirts.
  • Pay off my car loan.
  • Teach English for a year in Japan.
  • Perform stand-up in LA.
  • Take a martial art.

Way Long-Term WTF Goals

  • Buy a house.
  • Open a hotel in Switzerland.
  • Open up a restaurant where you give your order to animatronic animals.

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