100 Things About Me

  1. I am a Cancer, and I believe in Astrology.
  2. Growing up, I was an Air Force Brat.
  3. My dad was in Desert Storm, and my brother served in Afghanistan and is currently serving in Guam.
  4. I am a Methodist, but I don’t go to church much because some pastor always ends up insulting or offending me with his sermon.
  5. I would love to visit both the ’70s and the Renaissance, and not just because I hate washing my hair.
  6. I get really sensitive when people talk politics to me, pretty much no matter what party you are.
  7. I have ridiculous taste in music which includes JPOP, Broadway musicals, video game soundtracks, and almost anything on the piano.
  8. I can put my feet behind my head.
  9. I always forget where I was born.
  10. BUT I’m the only person in my immediate family who was born in America.
  11. I only have 2 piercings. 1 in each ear. CARAZY!
  12. I have no tattoos. I sort of want one, but since I change my desktop wallpaper every week, I don’t think that would work out.
  13. I used to have imaginary friends. A lot of them. They included all the Ninja Turtles, all the Ghostbusters, and the entire cast of Hook.
  14. I pass out when I give blood, even though it doesn’t gross me out.
  15. When I was little, I asked doctors to give me shots so I could prove to them how tough I was.
  16. I am no longer a member of the No Car Crash Club. Thanks a lot, lady who turned in front of me.
  17. I won first place in an Amateur Stand-up Comedy contest.
  18. I sing alto, but I have to like you a lot to let you hear it.
  19. When I was 13, I thought I was on Totally Hidden Video all the time, and I was terrified to take my clothes off to get in the shower.
  20. I’ve never broken a bone.
  21. I have had chicken pox and mono.
  22. I am proud of my credit score, and I’m terrified of ruining it.
  23. I dream every night, and I remember them in the morning. Then I bore people with their plots.
  24. I am nosy.
  25. I make up songs about my cat.
  26. When someone I don’t like is lecturing me, I recite Broadway musical lyrics in my head.
  27. I have performance problems when going to the bathroom in public. Public restrooms, weirdo.
  28. I make faces at myself in the mirror.
  29. I make a kick-ass lemonade.
  30. I am interested in all things Japan.
  31. I have lived in Illinois, Germany, Denver, Pennsylvania, Nashville, California, Switzerland, and Japan.
  32. My mom says I used to speak German when I was little, but I don’t remember any of it, except what I learned in high school.
  33. I went to the same school for 11 years.
  34. I’ve never parked in a handicapped spot.
  35. One time, I got hives from playing too many video games and gripping the controller too tight. It was gross.
  36. I’m not a vegetarian, but I hate meat unless there is a delicious goo on it.
  37. My favorite TV series of all time is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I’ve never finished it, because I don’t want it to end.
  38. I have neither strength nor stamina. Hikes with me will take a lot longer.
  39. I have to go through video stores alphabetically. I had a boyfriend once who had to go through it reverse-alphabetically, and my anger regarding this may have led to the relationship’s demise.
  40. I took Aikido when I lived in Japan. It was pretty awesome. If I could freeze time, I’d take it again.
  41. I cannot stand mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, or grits. And I’m not crazy about seafood. I’ll go to town on just about anything else, though.
  42. I turn ridiculous bright red when I get embarrassed, which is rare, but everyone notices and laughs and makes it worse.
  43. I am a geek. Duh.
  44. I like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Harry Potter, but I can’t stand Lord of the Rings. I’ve tried so hard.
  45. I play a lot of video games. I’m best at RPGs, adventure, and puzzle games. I am no good at first-person shooters.
  46. I like crafty things like knitting and modeling clay.
  47. I obsessively make lists. LIKE THIS ONE!
  48. Building furniture from IKEA fills me with RAGE.
  49. I find the rules of grammar intriguing.
  50. I also love studying homophones. Unlike, seemingly, the rest of the internet.
  51. I have never fired a gun.
  52. I play MMORPGs, but not very well. I tend to level until I have a cool mount and then runnnnn across the land.
  53. I read books obsessively.
  54. I didn’t drink coffee until I tried Starbucks. Yay, Capitalism!
  55. I get motion sick on boats and when some people drive.
  56. I visited Germany, Switzerland, England, France, Italy, Russia, Amsterdam, Austria, Canada, Mexico, Aruba, and Japan.
  57. I’ve written drafts of two children’s books. If you’re a publisher or an illustrator, we should talk.
  58. I didn’t drink alcohol until I was 21.
  59. I have volunteered at a radio station, Habitat for Humanity, and the Tiger Woods Foundation.
  60. I don’t think I will ever understand the rules for Magic the Gathering.
  61. I played tennis and softball in high school.
  62. I used to use Notepad to code all my webpages. Yeah, it tooka really long time.
  63. I get pretty emotional about things. I have been known to cry during Applebees commercials and certain episodes of “Futurama.”
  64. My most frequent nightmare is the one about being back in college at finals time and having forgotten to go to the class all semester. Which is weird because I never once skipped a class in college.
  65. My cat sleeps on my chest at night and claws me up if I move.
  66. I am really curious about religions other than mine.
  67. I am poison to electronic appliances. ESPECIALLY ones for which I have purchased extended warranties that have just run out.
  68. I always try to make some goofy face in pictures. Everyone has dumb pictures of people smiling! My best friend’s mom threatened my life over this when I was a bridesmaid in her daughter’s wedding.
  69. I love traveling. I once went on vacation alone for a month in Switzerland just because I thought it would be awesome. Having a family in the airline industry doesn’t hurt when loneliness kicks in, either.
  70. I went to Vanderbilt University because it was the best college I got into. I got scholarships to 2 other schools, but their only majors were Being a Cowboy and Beating Up Gays, so I turned them down.
  71. I sometimes sleep in the “butterfly” position. That’s touching the palms of your feet and then laying your head on top of them. My friend’s mom saw me like this at a slumber party and asked me if she should call the hospital.
  72. I am a cat person, but dogs are okay, too. Especially ones that look like puffs.
  73. I have no qualms with utilizing walkthroughs and strategy guides of video games. I bought this game to relax, pal, not to get stuck in the whale’s mouth for all eternity because I never got the feather to tickle its uvula and sneeze me out.
  74. I like Guiness even though it tastes like a loaf of bread.
  75. I don’t like going to doctors. Not because I’m afraid of pain, because they’re mean to me. In my life, I have had a dentist who yelled at me for having a cavity (I was 25), an optometrist who asked me if I just wanted to get glasses because all the other kids had them, and a gynecologist who told me I probably had cancer from radiation poisoning. (I don’t; she got the dates of Chernobyl wrong…and the country.)
  76. When I was little, I didn’t want to be a ballerina or an astronaut. I wanted to be the CEO of NBC.
  77. I can be pretty lazy. Not with life goals or stuff like that. With things like rolling myself around my house on my computer chair because I don’t feel like getting up.
  78. I expect honesty from others, and I am honest to others. To a fault.
  79. I am a pack rat, and I cannot throw away anything from my childhood because I don’t want it to be sad.
  80. I got to meet Chuck Palahniuk, one of my favorite authors, a couple years back, and it was the coolest thing ever. He can make people pass out by reading to them!
  81. Anyone who meets me after only knowing me online informs me that I’m not as big of a bitch as they thought I would be.
  82. When I was little, I thought everyone was a robot but me. Then I realized I had never seen the inside of myself either…DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!
  83. I should really be on the show “What Not to Wear.” Seriously. You should see the things I choose to leave the house in.
  84. I love Alton Brown, but I sort of wish Rachel Ray would fall on a cheese grater.
  85. I am not great with keeping in touch with old friends, but I try.
  86. When I was younger (and before “The Truman Show”), I thought my entire life was being secretly taped as a sitcom, and I made it a point never to leave a room without making a joke, so they could take a commercial break while I was gone.
  87. My favorite meal will always be grilled cheese with fries, pickles on the side, and a diet coke with a lemon. Yes, I am 10 years old.
  88. I used to swear a lot (see archives/old pictures of me). I don’t so much anymore. Sometimes, but not so much.
  89. I laugh at really inopportune times. Like when someone says something really mean that they meant to be serious.
  90. The only time I really punched someone in the face was in 6th grade, after he told me I had cute puppy dog eyes.
  91. I love really spicy food. My friends once made fun of me while eating sushi and wasabi because tears were streaming down my face, and I was sniffling as I told them how great it tasted.
  92. I’m moderately okay at speaking in accents.
  93. When I like something, I get obsessed. Like buy all books, DVDs, calendars, tchotchkes, and set it as my desktop wallpaper obsessed.
  94. I have been an extra in two movies! A made-for-tv movie starring Christopher Reeve and Judd Apatow’s movie “Funny People.”
  95. I grind my teeth in my sleep, and people in other rooms have wondered how I have any teeth left.
  96. I’m really not as egotistical as this list makes me out to be.
  97. I need
  98. four
  99. more
  100. things

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