Routine Maintenance

Hey, I just wanted to point out that I added a dessert to recipes, and I have finally finished writing adequate captions for my trip to Aruba.
I also did some pruning on the Links page and added some sites I actually check, as well as sites who participate in my link exchange.
And if you think THAT’S interesting, JUST YOU WAIT!
I went through my camportal and I deleted everyone who didn’t link back to me!
Granted, there are some who STILL don’t, but I consider them “friends who for some reason I don’t mind doesn’t link to me,” “attractive boys,” and “even more attractive asian girls.”
If you think you were deleted in error, you are wrong.
I navigated some of the most cluttered websites in all the land and found my name buried under a pile of links, and I left them up.
You can apply again, but how hard is it to link me? Really.
I know how livejournals and Blogspot sites work, so don’t even try to give me that crap.
Also, I have been working on a few other bits of content to add to my already-cluttered sidebar over there so JUST YOU WAIT.
*disappears in puff of smoke*
*returns real quick in a puff of smoke*
Oh, yeah.
I’ll try to lower my hilarious jokes to your level so you can get them.
*another puff of smoke*

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