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Orange Pound Cake Surprise -- About 10 minutes

1 pound cake, thinly sliced about an inch thick
1 11 oz. can of mandarin oranges
1 ½ pound chicken salad

Okay, listen.
Before we start, we should have a little talk.
I could be all hoity toity all try to hunt down sassy recipes for pound cake and the most succulent chicken salad this side of the Purdue farms, but the truth is, this is more about the quick preparation and delicious mix of flavors than it is about gourmet housewifin'.

So, get your ingredients together and get moving!
Using a small 2-inch cookie cutter (my mom uses a washed-out bottle of bubbles), cut the pound cake into delicious circles.
Using a melon-baller or telekinesis (very helpful in cooking and being lazy), scoop a dollop of chicken salad onto each pound cake circle.
Top each with one mandarin orange section.

These things are de-damn-licious, and the "surprise" is how three seemingly unrelated foodstuffs can come together in such a delicious marriage of perfection.
Serve at your next party, or shove them down your throat when you watch TV.
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