Since I have a female reproductive system, I've been known to cook up a thing or two.
No offense to men who cook (BAM!), but I'm just saying, for most of my life, I've been kicking and screaming to avoid my birthright, and at the end of the day, damn it, things like cooking and sewing are damn handy traits to have!

I decided to include a few of my favorite recipes collected from my ancestry and the ancestry of others on the interweb.
Some of them have pictures and some of them will as soon as I cook them again and remember to take the picture and/or don't burn the hell out of it.
I like to cook, I'm just not necissarily good at it.*

*Lauren's inability to cook is not directly proportional to the deliciousness of the following recipes.

Appe-teasers -- A ha ha ha ha ha!! *wipes tear*

Entrée -- I know the html to put little apostrophes over Es

Desserts -- Sheesh, I need more desserts
What Life Looks Like As a Hot Girl
Um, I mean, I already know? Aw, man. No, I don't.
Hollywood ASST
Don't you love people making fun of the jobs you can't even get? I KNOW I SURE DO.
Do You Speak English?
I actually don't speak English, either.