Popular like me

Man, oh, man.
If there are any theatre geeks like me who read this website, and haven’t heard the musical Wicked yet, stop having sex with each other and go listen to it NOW.
That said, oftentimes I don’t think it comes across on this website what a theatre fag I am.
And those that are, know that I use the term endearingly.
There’s just something about us, that is unlike any group of people I’ve ever been involved with.
Comedians getting together and discussing their favorite bit from their favorite comedian is one thing, but standing up and acting out entire scenes, song, dance, gesture, and NOT noticing or caring how ridiculous we must look to the outsiders, is sure fun.
Example: A couple weeks ago, I met a lad who was filling in for Scott, the co-director/head of the Improv-Comedy Troupe I’m a part of. I’d just met this guy whose name I can’t remember, and I was talking with another boy named Andrew, because I’d come in singing a song from Rent, with which we both currently happened to be obsessed.
This lad, who I’ll call Mark, for the sake of not using the word “lad” again, jumped in, and we got into a heated discussion of the finer points of the operetta.
Now, that is all well and good, I love having theatre conversations, because there are only about 10% of people in the WORLD you can have them with, and it had been a while.
We performed our Improv that night, and afterwards, Mark came up to me, singing a song from Moulin Rouge, which just so happened to have a girl’s part in it, which I picked up, and sang with him.
What I neglected to mention, was that there were still people in the lobby, and Dave, the second half of the co-director/head of the Troupe team, who happens to NOT be a weirdo like us, and I believe we frightened everyone out of the theater with our singing.
Right, so screw them. Andrew came up to me, and started singing on of the ensemble songs from Act 1 of Rent, and Mark and I jumped into all the other roles as needed, acting out the gestures as were done on Broadway.
WHERE ELSE DO SANE PEOPLE get together at the drop of a hat and DO this?
It was just a moment of magic, and none of us was self-conscious or timid or off-key or ANYTHING. It was awesome.
Now, I am retarded. I’ve accepted this, and I know that I must come off to 90% of people I meet as out of my gourd.
When I am comfortable in a place, everyone knows it, and perhaps regerets it, because I walk around meowing, singing, dancing, and generally…looking like a retard.
This is why when people from work see me at comedy shows, they think I’m on cocaine, because I’m so hyperactive and bouncy.
It’s because I am not comfortable at work.
At Eat N Park, oftentimes, I would act out 5-act plays in the kitchen, complete with musical numbers about my co-workers.
I was comfortable there.
I say all of that to say this.
I love working at Theater Camp.
I love it, and I can’t stop going. It messes up my sleep, it interferes with the job that actually GIVES me an income, but when I’m there, I am king.
I’m there with the same group of teachers as I’ve been with for 16 years, 10 of those years, where they were my teachers and elders, 6 where I’ve been their co-worker.
And by that, I mean, I get them coffee, but they don’t actually teach me anything.
But I love it. I can’t imagine doing anything else June of every year, and if ever a June comes where I won’t be working there, it’ll be a sad one indeed.
The kids think I’m funny. They beg me to make fun of them, which I eagerly do, and they eat it the fuck up.
I take pictures of them, and write mocking captions beneath them, and they run from their classes each day to see what I’ve said about them.
And best of all, this year, I have two assistants.
One is the Johnny, the son of the musical director, and one is Joey, the prodigy of the choreographer.
Johnny’s a bit more shy with the blatant display of his musical abilities, but Joey is the only other person I know, besides me, who will break into a tap dance, JUST BECAUSE HE’S BORED. Sometimes in the middle of a conversation, for no reason, and able to continue talking.
What I’m trying to explain here will likely not make any sense to you, and you probably think that I’m gay, and I apologize for a completely esoteric theater-oriented blog, but I just felt the need to explain…well, how cool people exactly like me are.
The answer is very.
And this is why I do it.

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