Phenominet Support doesn’t return emails

I have a very suspicious feeling that Phenominet is run by a 13-year-old named Jason out of his parents’ basement.
You probably don’t care about my saga, but the world should know!
They actually did respond by email only after I gave them an angry telephone call that they said they would return in one business day and — surprise! — they didn’t!
And here’s the response:
“Actually there was a bug in our database that was preventing the fix from
working (and the response from going out). Sorry about that. I have
increased the disk quota temporarily, and I’ll include below a listing of
the disk space usage for your website. Thanks!”
For those of you playing at home, they spoke of a magical bug that delayed their response, they did NOT tell me what the actual problem was with the php script, and they proceeded to give me a list of my usage in directories (instead of files).
That’s sort of like going to a doctor with a broken foot, then having him A) not talk to you for four days while you sit in his office, B) pretend he was stricken with a vocal chord disease, but it suddenly was cured, C) tape a new leg on to the side of yours that will fall off in a month, and D) give you a detailed list of the importance of your various limbs.
So, I foolishly/curiously/just wanted a chance to be an ass sent them another email about whether or not I had any referrals, since Ashmen informed me I had at least one, which I thought gave me some kind of bonus. I wondered how many — if any — other people had signed up under me for which I hadn’t seen a dime.
I’m not greedy, but especially after this, I’m going to stop subjecting other people to their evil ways, and they should at least give me credit for doing so up until now.
I sent them another email which — surprise — wasn’t returned either.
Here is my last attempt at being Mr. Nice Guy.
“Yeah, I sent this email to you 2 days ago, and you haven’t responded.
If you could do that, that would be GREEEEEAT.
If you have a magical “bug” in your system that is deleting your
emails, like you said was the reason your last email didn’t come
through, might I suggest signing up for the wonderful world of gmail?
I have just sent you an invite!
Here is the original email.
AAAAAAALLLLL you have to do is reply!
Someone there has an answer! If you don’t know it, ask them!
If you are sending a response, and wonder whether or not *I’m* getting
it, include the following line in your response:
“Please respond if you get this response.”
AND I WILL RESPOND! See how communication works?
So, without further ado, the original email.
PS — Please respond.
You have a referral deal, right?
How many referrals would one have to get before they get something back?
I ask because a few people have come to me saying they’d listed me,
and I was wondering if you have records of it.
I looked around the FAQ and saw nothing about it, but I am in the referral list.
user: kitsune”
I really don’t want to go through getting a new host, but I recently did a little research and got a little too excited about what is offered out there.
But that would require a bit of work, I don’t like working a whole lot, which is apparenlty something me and Phenominet can agree on.
Hopefully I’ll have a response soon.
Unless Jason has some science homework.

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