Out of my Mind of Mencia

So…I met a guy on Friday who works in the sound production of the popular hit intelligent not racist at all show “Mind Of Mencia,” on Comedy Central (motto: Bringing You Mediocre Comedy Since “South Park” Got Us Signed to Most Cable Packages!).
Now, in this town, you really meet someone involved in the most random things you can think of. I believe my friend Casey is friends with the girl from the movie “Curly Sue.” Donkey Lips from “Salute Your Shorts” lives a couple streets down from me.
What I have slowly learned from Los Angeles is that for every moronic show out there, there’s hundreds of people getting a paycheck from that person. More to the point, no matter how vapid or racist or whatever the person may seem, they could potentially be a really cool person. Unless that person is Julia Roberts, because I met her and she was really rude to me, and if I ever see her on the street, I’m going to run her down with my car.
Here’s the thing. I’m sure plenty of people are unlike the characters they play on screen. Does Lindsay Lohan prat fall as much in real life? Well, yes, probably what with all the cocaine, but that doesn’t help my point. My point is that “Mind of Mencia” is…well, the mind of Carlos Mencia (real name: Ned Holness). And I don’t care who tells me that Larry the Cable Guy doesn’t really have an accent and he went to a wealthy private school, you sleep in the bed you make. I’m sure Carlos Mencia doesn’t really go around…okay, well, I don’t actually know any of his jokes, because the one time I accidentally saw the show, I had Felicia hit me in the head with a bat so I forgot most of that night. My point is, I’m sure he’s just as racist and hack and “shock jockey” as he seems.
So when this guy told me that he puts the microphone on Carlos Mencia every night and beamed with pride as he told us all that Ned was really a nice guy and “nothing like how he is on stage,” the smile I was able to squeeze out was Oscar-worthy.
Here I was, meeting a new acquaintance, sharing a few laughs, and then finding out something akin to “Yeah, you know Hitler? I hooked up his megaphone for every speech he gave! He’s actually really cool in real life.”
But I faked it, because I’m in Hollywood and that’s what we do out here.
Unless I meet the person who puts the microphone on Julia Roberts.
If that happens, I will immediately call them a liar, because that mouth would inhale any microphone within 5 yards.

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