Or Hardly Working?!?!?!

So instead of doing the thousand things I’m actually supposed to be doing, I went to the Face Recognition website and matched my face and the faces of my friends to various celebrities.
They all probably disagree with me, and I might just get punched in the face for using a 3-year-old picture of Melissa, but I’m putting them here anyway, ’cause that’s how I roll.

Amusing, but I’m pretty sure my similarity to Elton John is just the glasses.
And my love of men.

Ah, much better! Whenever I look in the mirror, I often think I look like a pixelated newspaper clipping.

Why did it not match Batman, I wonder? And who’s that other Elton-John-looking weirdo?

I swear I did not make this up. Many of you don’t know how hilarious this is, but Melissa’s love of Russia is akin to my love of Japan. And cakes.
All right. Back to being productive. (?)
PS — I did it here

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