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I try not to get political on here too much, because it always gets me depressed and there are always 4 or 5 violently opposing viewpoints that could oppose mine, so I am going to try to present this like my genius political science professor always presented material — simply as a selection of facts for you to make your own opinions about and to elicit thoughtful discussion.
Figure A — Dooce’s Husband talks about the devastating aftermath of Katrina, using such points to illustrate his feelings as 1) he will donate what he can, but let’s be honest, he has a family and a job and a house to take care of, 2) this country’s leaders are all incompetent, and 3) the constant barrage of media coverage is sickening.
Figure B — My friend Patrick talks in one of many livejournal updates of how it has affected he and his friends personally. He apparently was one of the earlier refugees and was able to get to relative safety leaving BEHIND his friends, job, and house, says nothing about politics save for (in another entry) how much he agrees with the mayor’s decisions and viewpoints, and begs viewers to not ignore the media coverage lest we forget and stop helping.
Now, here’s what we think about.
1) If we had another leader, how would this have been handled differently?
Take into consideration while thinking whether or not a slow response is due to the actions and decisions of one person.
2) Kayne West (cue the world: “Who?”) says that George Bush hates black people. Who else does George Bush hate, based on the inference that George Bush hates those whom he did not specifically save?
a) Does George Bush hate the handicapped?
b) Does George Bush hate kittens?
3) During 9/11, we had an entity to blame it on. It seems, if memory serves me, that we hated them quietly and mourned the victims vocally and respectfully. In the midst of a natural disaster, we find ourselves with no one to “blame,” but instead of mourning the victims, the internet at least seems to find solace in abusing the media/the government/the Man. Why is this, and what does it accomplish?
4) Imagine you are the leader. You find out that this has happened. What do you do?
a) Now imagine all the specific repercussions of that action, and imagine who would say that what you did was wrong?
b) Rethink your earlier decision to remedy those points brought up and come up with another solution.
c) Imagine who would say what you did was wrong in this instance.
d) Repeat.
Okay, so my political viewpoint may have shown through more than I intended, but it just hurts me so much that people’s natural reaction to a tragedy is to find everything that went wrong in the human aspect. I hate all the hate. It stresses me out.
It’s too bad that there isn’t a section in the “How to Deal with Shit that Goes Down” manual that deals with hurricanes and a chapter on New Orleans and other towns in other states.
Yes, it’s very trendy to hate government, welcome to the ’70s.
It just sort of makes me sick that people can sit back in their comfy, dry houses and blog about how because George Senior and Barbara did the nasty 50 or so years ago, that’s why Little Billy’s dog Snowball wasn’t saved from a flood.
People are becoming just as sleazy and heartstring-manipulating as the media they claim to hate.
I don’t know what the government should have done.
I am a 25-year-old from Pittsburgh who has never been in a flood, and I majored in English.
All I know is how to care and worry about each of the different stories I research online and how to do what I can.
Please comment responsibly.

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