Not So Viral Videos

I am in the depths of illness, but with the help of sketchy Japanese Health Drinks, I have the energy to click a mouse and upload some videos.
Please enjoying.
Cool Japan Stuff Not Involving Dancing:
My Japanese Cellphone — My cellphone does a TON of cool stuff. I’m sure. Unfortunately, I can only figure out how to make calls and sometimes text message.
Pimp Truck — I pedaled like hell to catch up with this pimped out Mac Truck when it passed me on the road. Good Idea: Having a Pimped-Out Truck. Bad Idea: Filming While Biking.
Pickup Soccer — A quick game of pickup soccer my friends played at Dragon Park. Chris and Chris face-off to decide once and for all, who is the one true Chris.
Tokyo Game Show’s Little Big Planet — You can’t really tell, but there is a booth babe sitting on the left, firing off rapid instructions in Japanese to her teammates on how to win!
Kaitenzushi — Sushi tastes much better when served to you on an assembly line!
Uno at Kiyosato — Dave is proud of his Uno hand against his young Japanese friend. How do you like him now?
Girl Rolling Around — I wish I had as few cares in the world as this kid.
Taken at beautiful Dragon Park.
FF: Crisis Core Commercial on a train — They show cool commercials on trains in Tokyo.
Mt. Fuji and Kofu — My friends and I take in the sights of the Kofu basin. No, I don’t know what Kevin is doing. Maybe crushing Mt. Fuji’s head?
Kid Plays Dancing Dog Game — You should have seen the girl that went before her. She was about a foot shorter and way faster.
These kids! No wonder they’re so good at DDR later in life!
Cool Japan Stuff Involving Dancing And A Lot Of It:
Tokyo Game Show Dancers — Flashy!
Harajuku Dancers Part 1 — Energetic!
Harajuku Dancers Part 2 — Genki desu, ne?
Kiyosato Cheerleaders Part 1 — This is a cheerocracy, and these are the cheertators.
Kiyosato Cheerleaders Part 2 — Thanks, old guy!
Nirasaki Dancers Part 1 — Should have been on the other side of the street.
Nirasaki Dancers Part 2 — But it was cool anyway.
Harajuku Dancing Elvises Part 1 — Dancing, like the internet, is serious business.
Harajuku Dancing Elvises Part 2 — Sugoi!
That’s all for today. Now to my sick bed to hope spiders don’t take advantage of my weakened state and walk on my face. It could happen, people!

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