Not dead

So, I’m not burned to a crisp. Thanks for caring, everyone in the world minus the two people who commented.
I still don’t know what actually happened, but it ended up screwing up a lot of stuff, so that sucks. I mentioned to some co-workers that we should sue the fire, but I don’t think anyone was listening.
*sigh* Does anyone in the video game industry need to have coffee delivered to them? I can make a mean…trip to Starbucks.
Well, anyway, speaking of not being dead, my endless searches for intel on the internet have led me to one gem of a web find. Finally, it’s like my life has a meaning!
I present to you a chance to make everyone feel really, really old.
I present to you…the stuttering kid from “Billy Madison”…IN COLLEGE!

Was it really so long ago? Yes.

When did this site turn into an insider Hollywood rag?
I’ll have something real to say soon, I’m sure.

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