No Alibi

I had this dream one of the first nights I got back into the states.
I was back in Japan, but my successor had already moved into my apartment. I was hanging out in some random rice field, when I decided I should go meet her at my school. I get to the front entrance and see some of my old co-workers, but I realize I left a mess on the kitchen floor back in the apartment, so I decide to go home and clean it while she was working.
I start home, but I either forget the way, or I have to go this long (colorful!) convoluted way I’d never been. When I get in the apartment, Justin’s there with a gun.
He says that everyone just saw me leave school to come home, and “it” will be very suspicious. Then he shoots himself, and I’m left standing there, knowing I’m about to be arrested for murder.
Then I woke up. Fun, huh?! Don’t watch Forensic Files before bed.