Like many self-loathing writers out there, I have signed up for the NaNoWriMo contest, in which participants attempt to churn out a 50,000-word novel during the month of November. It breaks down to about 1,666 words a day, and more if you’re feeling saucy or anticipate maybe falling ill one day or your computer exploding.
This is my first year attempting it, and I’d like to make it. I’m well on my way and up-to-date on my word count, currently clocking in at 9,990 words. They’re not GOOD words, mind you. You’re supposed to leave editing for December and just churn out story. It’s not focused on creativity; it’s assumed you’re creative enough if you’re simply attempting it. The main focus is output, perseverance, stamina.
Well, so now that I’ve told you about it, hopefully I’ll be able to see it through, or else I’ll have egg all over my face. And we all know how much I hate that! RIGHT, GUYS?
In other news, here are some pictures from my first Improv Comedy show at UCB Theater. A good time was had by all. I wish I had taken more pictures!

Upright Citizens in Training

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