My parents are so cute

I thank my parents for the weirdness they gave me, and it constantly amuses me when I do some quirky family thing and the people around me laugh hysterically / look at me funny / back away from me slowly.
I haven’t had too many other families, but how many 10-minute conversations do most people have with their moms about whether or not a squirrel could use his tail to slap a chipmunk? (My mom insisted that one could.)
There are some conversations, though, where I have to be a detective to involve myself in their conversations. I talked to them both yesterday while I was driving home from work and had the following conversation.
Dad: So we saved a day of fireflies today.
This statement could mean a few things, none of which makes any sense. There are fireflies out in Pittsburgh, so my instinct was that they had caught a day’s worth of fireflies in a jar. Okay, maybe that’s my weirdness coming through, but I enjoyed the mental image of my parents skipping through a field with a huge net.
Mom: You know, like that movie everyone likes?
Okay, so I figured out that they were talking about “saving” something on their DVR, but I’m still a little lost.
Mom: It was one of those things where they have it on all day.
Me: A marathon?
Mom: Yeah.
So much additional information, so not even remotely closer to understanding what’s going on. The only logical thing I can think of is that some channel inexplicably showed some movie called “A Day of Fireflies” over and over again.
Dad: You know — that movie “Serendipity”?
Me: Oh…yeah?
I do know the movie “Serendipity.” From what I can recall, it was some sappy chick flick starring John Cusask. Can anyone see through my parents’ insanity at this point to tell what they’re actually talking about?
Mom: Come ON! The movie “Serendipity”? “The Fireflies”?
I finally discover that what they’re ACTUALLY talking about is the critically acclaimed Joss Whedon series “Firefly,” which spawned the movie “Serenity.”
On one hand, it was so hilarious to hear them referencing a show that only the hippest hip kids know about, and on the other hand, it’s sort of cool that they’re hip enough to know about it. Sort of know about it.
Now, if only I can get them to watch “Buffy.”

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