My house is a scratching pad

I only offer you a paltry few things for your enjoyment today.
Nerd Cat is the latest installment of cat-based antics.
Also, I have a question.
I’m currently going through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix again, and I was wondering how exactly it’s translated into other languages.
I know there are a couple things changed in British books to English books because all my books Harry Potter books are British since I bought them in Switzerland.
They do delightfully interesting things like spell color “colour” and defense “defence” and all the dialogue is in single quotes and all the Mr. and Mrs. don’t have periods and dogs and cats are living together and regular Superman is bizarro Superman.
Also, for some reason, they decided to change something as minimal as the title and subject of the entire first book from the “Philosopher’s Stone” to the “Sorcerer’s Stone.” The word on the grapevine is that the title “philosopher’s stone” wasn’t wizard-y enough and since the American public isn’t widely aware that the Philosopher’s Stone is actually a mythological item that was to be the basis for alchemy, when wondering if they should read this popular book, publishers seemed to think that they would get held up on the word “Philosopher” and, fearing they would be reading about Harry’s adventures with Immanuel Kant and Rene Descartes, the children would go running out of the bookstore and back to their video games and McDonald’s cheeseburgers and playing in traffic
Anyhoo, I already know the answer to my question, I THINK, but I’m wondering how weird it must be to read this book in another language.
For instance, I’m reading a chapter about how Harry needs to teach someone English.
I assume that the translations to other languages do it more or less verbatim, but it has to be awkward and break the fourth wall when they’re all speaking French or some crap and Hagrid walks in and tells Harry to teach someone English.
Maybe I just haven’t read a lot of books translated from other languages, but I think it would be awkward to be all up in some book, enjoying myself, when some character walks in and goes, “Man, it sure is fun speaking Russian all the time. I love this Russian language that we are speaking right now.”
Well, I have to go now, because in order to appear more American, I have decided to go change all my college report cards to say that I got A’s in Introduction to Sorcery.
Accio transcript!

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