Miss/Not Miss: Restaurants

I wanted to round off my stay in Japan by remembering some things I’ll miss about my time here, and some things I will be ever so happy to be without when I leave.
Today’s topic: Restaurants!
I’ll miss so much about restaurants. No tipping, for one thing, which is just a godsend. Being a former waitress, I do feel strange not giving someone a monetary appreciation for a job well done, but when you’re dining out with a huge group, it really makes things go smoother. No one is shafted. The normal human beings don’t overcompensate in tips because the cheap people didn’t account for gratuity. Also, tax is incorporated into the menu price (Can you imagine?), so when you’ve got a huge group splitting a bill, you just open the fucking menu and get out a calculator. And no one pays over, no one rounds up. If your bill is 3,999 yen, and you leave 4,000 this waitress will follow you to the damn train station to give you your one yen piece back. It’s glorious.
What I will NOT miss is tiny, tiny glasses. I didn’t think they made glasses this small. And no one in Japan seems to care. There are also no refills on soda or anything, unless you pay double to get “Drink Bar,” which is basically an overhyped Soda Fountain you would find in any KFC for no additional charge in the states.
I will not miss not getting napkins. Forget about cloth napkins, which I will wrap around my head with glee like a babushka once I finally see them again. The paper napkins literally feel like a piece of paper. A tiny piece of paper. They are about as absorbent as the receipt, and I’ll be they could just save money by just shoving old receipts in the napkin holder.
But if these few things would change, dining in Japan would be a flawless experience. Well, besides the food, of course. But that’s another entry.

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