Love, love, love is a graveyard

Oh, sleep. Why do you elude me?
I honestly… I went to bed at 9 AM. 9!!!!!!!!
Crapola. This is lunacy.
I am going to just lie in my bed right now and stare into space until I go to sleep.
I don’t think I get sleepy anymore. I have that horrible disease where you just never sleep and eventually you go insane and die. Jean? What is that disease called? Italian people got it… oh fuck.
Fatal Familial Insomnia, that’s it.
Shit. That’s what I have. I’m done for.
So before I go, I’m just gonna blog a little.
Lately I’ve been listening to a whole lot of Pink Floyd and Dave Matthews Band.
Like a lot. Like exclusively. This is unlike me. Because I am not a dirty hippie.
But I can’t get enough.
I did 2 minutes last night at Sam Morgans, and if I am allowed to toot my own horn, I think it went really fucking well. I got off and I was like, damn, I wish I’d been up there longer, but maybe the gold was that it was short and sweet. I may have lost them if I’d been up there longer.
It’s just that the laughter and applause is so intoxicating, I just want to wiggle around in it for as long as I can. It so makes up for Saturday. And I was fucking paid Saturday. If I got a dollar for every second that I didn’t suck onstage, then I owe the headliner quite a bit of money.
I go up to the Funny Bone tomorrow, and damned if I’m not as excited as a five legged cat in a mouse factory.
If the people who say they are going to see me actually come and see me, then I should have… a number of people coming to see me.
Let’s see, if none of my lying friends decides to continue with their lying, then I should actually have… fourteen people!
HAhahahaha, that number is ridiculous. If I do have 14 people tomorrow, not only will I eat my hat, but I will eat the hats of several unsuspecting audience members.
Provided their hats are made of delicious Christmas Ham.
I now seem to have the urgent need to clean between the letters on my keyboard, so I must stop typing and do so immediately.
This is just the dementia step of my Fatal Familial Insomnia, pay no attention.

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