Look to the western sky

Okay, usually, I wouldn’t post so soon after an epic saga like that last post, but I have a little story about what happened to me thirty seconds ago.
I’m sitting here in my chair at work.
The room is silent.
My co-workers tapping silently away on their keyboards.
I gently lift myself up on the armrests on my chair, so I can glide into an indian-style position without hurting my ankle.
My left arm slips.
I crash against the side of the chair with a loud thud, causing the shock system in the chair to squeal to life.
I burst out into laughter.
I burst out into MORE laughter, realizing that everyone in the office just heard me fall over and laugh about it.
But they just keep tapping.
I think I’m the only person who works here who’s not a robot.
And I don’t mean metaphorically, I mean, literally, these people are made of metal and eat the elderly’s medicine for fuel.
End transmission.

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